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Advice for buyers

A practical guide with invaluable suggestions aimed at helping non-linguists get the most out of their translation budget.

AITI - Guida Durban alla traduzione corretta


In Italy there is no register of certified interpreters and translators. Hiring a qualified member of Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters (AITI) is a guarantee of quality, professionalism and confidentiality. AITI has been recognized as Professional Associations for non-regulated professions by the Italian Government through Law no. 4/2013

Checking for Qualification and Quality Certificates issued pursuant to Law no. 4/2013

On this page http://www.aiti.org/verifica_attestato_inglese by inserting the membership card number 207047, you can check whether she is a Qualified Member and therefore has a qualification and quality certificate in accordance with sections 4, 7 and 8 of Law no.4/2013.

This certificate attests to "the quality of services provided by members and their professional qualifications". It may only be issued by professional associations registered on the special list held by the MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) pursuant to Law n. 4/2013.


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